MNO Lecture Series: April 14th 2014 – Jacob G. Scott MD

The Mathematical Neuro-Oncology Research Lab Presents:

Departments of Radiation Oncology and Integrated Mathematical Oncology
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center

Mathematical modeling of glioma cancer stem cell evolutionary dynamics and the non-genetic determinants of the metastatic process

Monday, April 14th, 2014
11am – 12 noon
Arkes Pavilion,
676 n. Saint Clair St. Suite 1300
Mathematical Neuro-Oncology Lab

Jacob Scott is a research associate in the department of radiation oncology at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa Florida and is currently working on a Doctoral degree in mathematics at Oxford University at the Centre for Mathematical Biology. Dr. Scott began his academic career in the fields of physics and engineering before entering medical school. As a trained clinician and scientist, Dr. Scott pursues a combination of basic and clinical research with the hope that each motivates and strengthens the other.

The focus of Dr. Scott’s research is building theoretical models of cancer with Integrative Mathematical Oncology – a group headed by Alexander (Sandy) Anderson, Ph.D. that focuses on applying mathematical and evolutionary models to the study of cancer. Dr. Scott finds that spending time doing a combination of theoretical cancer research and patient care keeps him thinking outside the box in the clinic, but keeps theoretical questions grounded to ideas that can be translated to patient care.

Dr. Scott is active in social media. Follow him on twitter at