Members: Nicholaus (Nick) Pfeiffer

Medical Student
I am a member of the first class of medical students at Mayo Clinic Arizona, the class of 2021. I became involved in the Mathematical Neuro-oncology (MNO) lab in my third year of medical school during a research block. Since joining, I have mostly been investigating glioblastoma kinetics and prognosis, as well as how these change with respect to interaction with the subventricular zone of the lateral ventricles in the brain. Excited by the lab’s strong spirit of investigating sex differences in prognosis and treatment, I have incorporated these in my research, as well.

I plan to become a neuroradiologist, continue my involvement in research, and likely get involved in health care administration down the road. Working in the MNO lab has been a wonderful experience and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with a great group of people on impactful and interesting research.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy spending time playing sports, or really any game, with my friends and family. I also exploring the great outdoors and hanging out with my goldendoodle puppy, Rory.