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Julia Lorence
Julia Lorence

Research Technologist


Julia Lorence joined the lab as an undergraduate researcher in 2017, investigating the impact of biological sex & tumor location as part of her honors thesis.

She is continuing her research as a Research Technologist after she received her Bachelors of Science majoring in Biomedical Science with a minor in Integrative Health from Arizona State University in May 2019. In her role at Mayo Clinic, she is part of the Glioma Biopsy study – a clinical trial aiming to connect spatially heterogeneous biopsy data to clinically-standard imaging of glioma patients.

Julia’s research focuses on the prognostic impact of patient sex and tumor location, with a focus on glioblastoma.

Julia hopes to remain in research while studying to be a physician, so that she can continue to make a positive contribution to patient care.