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                Han recently graduated (Spring 2017) from ASU with Biology degree. He hopes to become an orthopaedic surgeon one day, has an open mind for any other specialities. Han has been a part of this Image Analysis Team for a year and plans to stay involved during next year or so while waiting to hear back from medical schools. He is grateful that this opportunity has given him a chance to stay in touch with modern technology development against brain cancer and to stay involved with Mayo Clinic, where he would like to work as a physician in the future. Han is also a man of entertainment outside of academic/research settings, who loves to travel, camp, and dance. He is very outgoing and not afraid to make a fool of himself if the situation allows. Han’s professional goal at this time is to get into a medical school to continue my education. His personal goals include becoming fluent in Spanish before he turns 30, travelling to 5 more countries, and making choreographies during his downtime.

              Currently Scribe at Premier Emergency Medical Specialists