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April Fleming


      April Fleming
      Undergraduate Researcher





                1. April Fleming is presently an undergraduate, working on her B.S. in Mathematics at Arizona State University. She has joined the lab for the summer as an intern under the

              MIT/Mayo Physical Sciences Center for Drug Distribution and Drug Efficacy in Brain Tumors

                . This PS-OC is focused on understanding drug penetration into tumors given the blood brain barrier, which may or may not be intact in various regions of the tumor. One set of experiments uses bioluminescent imaging (BLI) in preclinical models with patient-derived tumors to monitor total cells over time. The mathematical model of BLI signal over time, that April is helping to build under the supervision of Dr. Susan Massey, will enable the quantification of the efficacy of drugs such as Erlotinib, which may provide insight into how well these drugs cross the blood brain barrier.

              Currently a Student at ASU