Members: Gustavo De Leon

Gustavo De Leon,
Gustavo De Leon received his B.S. in Biological Sciences from Arizona State University. He joined Dr. Swanson’s lab as an undergraduate student with the intention of becoming knowledgeable and contributing towards the fight against cancer. Interested in medicine, he is currently working as a medical scribe at Banner Baywood Medical Center alongside physicians exposing him to firsthand experience in patient care. He also plans on applying to medical school to further his contribution to medicine and the community.

Gustavo advocates in bridging the gap between science and the common person. He participated in hosting the first ever TED Talk event at Arizona State University, TEDxASU, alongside his friends with the purpose of embracing TED’s theme “Ideas Worth Spreading” and to actively engage individuals in science and education regardless of their background. He firmly believes reducing the gap will shed light to new success and, most importantly, prevent diseases such as cancer.